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TIP: What to consider when buying a rug!


The Complete Guide on How to Buy a Rug

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TIP: Want a light switch but don't have hardwiring?

Check out Caseta Wireless by Lutron.



The Smart Bridge and App for Caséta are the perfect foundations for creating a connected home system. Monitor and control lights (as well as shades and temperature) from anywhere, so you can always be in touch with your home. Compatible with Amazon Alexa; Google Assistant.

You'll need the following for the faux light switch: Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Switch; Wireless Smart Bridge; Gang Decorator Wallplate; Wallplate Bracket for Pico Remote; Pico Remote

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TIP: Don't be afraid of going dark!



A deep color with a high gloss finish can actually bounce light around in such a away the room feels airy and open. Bold colors are also great at punching up boring spaces, polishing rough ones, and generally distracting from flaws as well.


Should I Paint My Walls Dark? The Pros and Cons of Dark Decor  &  Why You Shouldn't be Afraid of Dark Paint


Dark doesn't mean gloomy but it can mean cozy!
And you can always repaint ... 

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