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This used to be a widespread offer pre-covid, luckily many theaters are opening up again to this awesome program. Here are a few that currently participate:

Playwrights Horizons: email [email protected] with “ADD TO LIST” in the subject line.

Rattlestick Theatre: email [email protected].

Cherry Lane Theatre: email [email protected].

Lucille Lortel Theatre: email [email protected] and ask to be added to the future list, they will be opening up the program at the end of 2022.

Rush tickets are available at the last minute — some theaters offer them 2 hours before the show, while others offer them the morning of a performance. To get a rush ticket, you usually need to line up at the theater before the designated time. The more popular the show, the earlier you should arrive. The number of rush tickets depends on the theater and seat availability. Be sure to check the theater’s website — some offer online rush seating, so you don’t have to be there in person.

Student rush
 tickets work like general rush tickets, but they’re limited to students. Usually, you need to bring a current student ID to qualify.

Check out this 2022 Playbill article as well as for a list of participating theaters.

Lottery: Broadway lotteries allow you to enter your name into a drawing for tickets. A few hours before the show, theater staff draw a set number of names; the winners get to buy heavily discounted tickets. Some Broadway shows require you to submit your entry in person and be present for the drawing; others, like Hamilton, allow you to enter online.

Not all, but many Broadway shows offer some form of digital lottery with platforms like TodayTix and BroadwayDirect. Similar to rush tickets, each show has their own policy with options like winning a same-day ticket, seat for tomorrow’s show, or sometimes you can enter in one big batch for the week ahead. Some shows set aside a certain amount of tickets for the digital lottery, and others use it as a way to offload remaining seats, meaning whether there will even be a lottery on a certain day can be hard to predict. Lotteries are more of a long-game option to get a ticket to that one show you’ve been waiting for.

Check out this 2022 Playbill article as well as for a list of participating shows and theaters.

Standing room only: As the name suggests, standing-room only tickets require you to stand through the entire performance. Not all theaters on Broadway offer these tickets; the ones that do usually require you to get them in person at the box office on the day of the show.

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