”Do You Really Want to Help?" by Joel A. Davis Brown, Ed. D.

By Joel A. Brown, Ed.D. (he/him/his)

​​​​​​​May 30th, 2020

Dr. Brown is a Thought Leader/Organizational Development Strategist/Global Inclusion Practitioner/Adjunct Professor/Poet & Storyteller/Bridge Builder & Truth Teller

Thoughts on how to make sure the pandemic of police brutality stops.

I haven’t slept well for several days. As an organizational development consultant who advises clients on how to disrupt bias in their organization and create a sense of belonging among their workforce, the murder of George Floyd has been particularly disheartening. Yet...this incident also feels personal for me as well.

Minneapolis is one of my hometowns, and it is surreal to see an area you love gripped by violence after its failure to deal with inequality for decades. Let me reiterate: the recent events in Minneapolis were not caused by rioters, but by years of civic and institutional racism.

And yet, I have never quite forgotten one particular encounter with the Minneapolis police department.

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Joel A. Brown, Ed.D.

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