Black Genius Podcast

Black Genius is the first podcast curating the voices of the world’s future Black leaders. We highlight the visionaries, dreamers and world-makers mobilizing Africans and the global Black Diaspora to create the future we want, from the dreams of our Ancestors and our future generations.
We help these heart-led, high-integrity, compassionate geniuses tell their stories in a way that inspires, connects and instructs our audiences.
Listen on Apple Podcasts and join the conversation live every Second Saturday at 10am EST.
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Black Genius is brought to you by noirpress.
noirpress: We’re building a movement. Deliver the New World with us.
Where do you go to find out who the leading Black change-makers are and how they’re shifting culture, policy and lives from Rio to Oakland to Brooklyn, Goma and Tokyo? Nowhere? We got you.
Where do you go when you need a rigorously researched, well-balanced yet accessible Black perspective on current affairs? Nowhere? noirpress is changing that.
We’re committed to creating the future we want through aspirational, curated, premium quality content. For now, you can watch and listen to our Black Genius podcast, where you get to connect deeply with the Black Intelligentsia, those pushing the world forward from a deep sense of purpose. Hear from the woman who helped pioneer broadband and XM radio, Obama’s Domestic Policy Lead, behind the scenes personal photographer to Beyonce, Jay Z and all your faves.
Black Genius is available on all podcasting platforms. Watch the live recordings every Saturday at 10am EST on our Facebook page. Follow all our socials and join our mailing list to know when we launch additional podcasts in the coming weeks.

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